Montessori Childcare in South London

Our Customer Care Policy

Policy Statement

• We aim to meet your needs with efficiency, effectiveness, fairness and professionalism
• Provide a pleasant and safe environment at our service points


• Provide a friendly service, showing respect and sensitivity
• Treating you fairly by demonstrating our commitment to equality and diversity
• Recognising and responding to your particular needs
• Dealing with your requests and enquiries accurately, promptly and efficiently
• Respecting your confidentiality
• Making effective referrals to other teams with your consent and consultations
• Offering an explanation if we can’t answer your request /enquiry immediately
• Making effective use of IT and web services
• Establishing service standards and monitoring our performance
• Continuing to develop our teams’ expertise and skills through an up-to-date training and inset days.
• To refuse to accept any inappropriate behaviour, abuse or threats to our staff other users and management.

Customer Care Standards

In developing these standards we have sought to:
• Set standards which are user friendly, customer focused and measurable
• Clearly state how staff should behave in dealing with customers
• Set performance targets which can be reviewed regularly
• Give consideration to legislation, good practice and national/Ofsted’s standards
• Ensure staff are equipped to deliver services taking into account equality and diversity and the respect for British Values
• Customers with SEN can be assisted through their chosen medium for intervention via the SENCO.

We will:
• Regularly ask our customers for feedback about our customer service and childcare
• We will use this feedback to help shape the services we deliver
• Ensure our staff are trained and competent to deliver our services
• Ensure all staff and members are trained in Customer Care

Customer Care Charter

As part of our commitment to you, these standards will apply to all our services:

We will be:
• Courteous, helpful, open and honest in delivering high quality services to all the children attending Cutes Kids Montessori Nursery School.
• Professional and positive in our approach
• Well-informed, so that we are able to help you
• Effective in listening and responding to you when you are dissatisfied or complain
• Treat everyone fairly and equally, with respect and dignity.

When you have contact with us, we will:
• Aim to answer the query at the first point of contact whenever possible.
• Aim to answer your telephone call as promptly as possible
• Arrange for someone to call you back if we cannot answer your query immediately
• Provide a simple and effective parents newsletter/feedback service via the internet
• Aim to respond to your letters and emails in a prompt and timely manner.
• Arrange an appointment if necessary for you to speak to your Key Worker or Manager who can help you.
• Wear our working uniform when at work to further protect your children in our care.
• We will also tell you who we are when meeting new staff working with your children.

We would like you to

• Treat our staff with courtesy, respect and dignity
• Keep any appointments that you have with us, and notify us if you are unable to attend parents evening, EYFS review consultation meetings, running late to pick your child, child being ill or any absenteeism
• Tell us on the day if you are unhappy with any errors or concerns
• Sign the accident/incident report on the day of the incident
• Sign in and out of the nursery at all times
• Do not let in anyone behind you when dropping your child or picking your child at any time from the nursery.
• Use our suggestion box or parent email address to tell us any improvements, complaints, observations or compliments you want us to know about.
• Give us the information we need to help you with at all times and expect us to respond positively to you.
• Give us your honest views and suggestions to help us improve our services to you and the children in our care.