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Economic losses. This includes the loss of deposits of any kind due to an Act of God, Covid19 or any other pandemics natural diseases, unforeseen circumstances that are beyond the jurisdiction of Cute Kids Montessori Nursery School e.g. natural courses, terrorist alert, extreme bad weather due to storm, heavy snow drop, heavy rain causing flooding that may result to closure of the nursery or any other emergencies not due to the fault of Cute Kids Montessori Nursery School, loss of business, profits, opportunity or use.
• Loss of goodwill or reputation.
• Loss due to consequential, incidental, special or any form of damage due to personal injuries, accidents in the nursery, during outings, or anywhere during the nursery session or on nursery premises.
• Suffered or incurred losses arising out of or in connection with your use of this website or any of our services and the terms and conditions.

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Updated August 2023.